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Ambitions Services

Ambitions provides a variety of support services based on individual need and designed to preserve human dignity, protect civil and human rights and encourage the involvement and responsibility of the individual’s family and community. Individuals can expect to experience the following positive outcomes:

  • Competence to manage daily activities and pursue personal goals
  • Health and Safety
  • Integration and participation in the social life of their communities
  • Relationships with friends, relatives, neighbors, community members, and peers
  • Personal Power and Choice
  • Status and positive recognition by self and others

California Support Services


Adult Residential Facilities

Our Adult Residential Facilities are licensed by the Community Care Licensing Division of the State Department of Social Services to provide 24-hour non-medical residential support to adults with developmental disabilities who are in need of personal services, supervision, and assistance with essential activities of daily living and self-protection. Our facilities offer support, supervision, and professionally supervised training for persons with deficits in self-help skills, and/or severe impairment in physical coordination and mobility, and/or severely disruptive or self-injurious behavior. Staffing levels are increased to correspond to the escalating severity of disability levels. Ambitions California currently operates more than 20 ARF facilities in the State.

Specialized Day Program Services

Our Specialized Day Program services are designed to meet the needs of adult individuals that are looking to progress their lives into a more independent lifestyle. We accomplish this by analyzing each individual’s behavioral barriers that limit their independence, and develop individualized plans that teach replacement strategies for success. Each client is then matched with one of our highly trained Job Coaches. These Job Coaches work each day on helping our clients meet the specific goals outlined by parents, caretakers, and program psychologists. Our program encourages individuals to become self-advocates by including them in the daily decision making process with respect to activities that they participate in. Participants are also encouraged to select community-training locations and activities they desire, as well as design their daily and weekly schedules.

Idaho Support Services


Residential Habilitation Services

Our residential habilitation service offers supervision and assistance to individuals who need significant cognitive, medical, or behavioral support. We emphasize positive supports and a belief in helping individuals live as independently as possible.

Washington Support Services


Supported Living Services

Supported Living Services offer instruction and support to persons who live in their own homes in the community. Supports may vary from a few hours per month up to 24 hours per day of one-to-one support. Individuals pay for their own rent, food, and other personal expenses.

Employment and Community Access

Our employment and community access support is provided within our local communities. Our employment service provides ongoing support, training, and paid jobs in a variety of settings and work sites. These include individual supported employment, group employment, and prevocational services. Our community access service offers individuals the opportunity to integrate into the various activities and events of their local community, and provides special assistance, advocacy, and education to help individuals whose age or disability currently limits their ability to participate actively in their community.

Child Behavioral Rehabilitative Services (BRS)

Our Behavioral Rehabilitation Service uses intensive resources to create an environment in which supervised group and/or family living are integrated into a set of comprehensive services where positive behavioral support methods and environmental structure are provided for children with medical, mental, developmental, emotional, and/or behavioral difficulties that exceed the service or supervision capacity of regular foster care families. Children may have had a history of being medically fragile, self-injurious, high risk, or behaviorally or emotionally disordered.

For More Information

For more information on these programs contact your local Ambitions program office!

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